Equity Research Online Certification Program

Published: 13th January 2011
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What is Equity Research?

Equity Research analysts follow stocks and make recommendations on whether to buy, sell, or hold those securities using Fundamental Analysis. Equity analysts typically focus on one sector and will cover up to 20 companies' stocks at any given time. Equity Research is a very challenging job, where an analyst may be required to spend more than 12-14 hours a day. Additionally, this job requires people with handon-experience in MS Excel and Financial Modeling. It is not necessary that an MBA degree is required for becoming a research analyst. In addition, Engineers and commerce graduates are also preferred if they have the requisite financial modeling, accounting and excel skill sets. Equity Research firms include J.P.Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Nomura, Motilal Oswal, Indian Infoline etc.

Corporate Bridge Academy Course Advantage

* Learn the nuts and bolts of professional analystís excel functions and graphs

* Learn professional analystís accounting to evaluate historical and current trends of a company in excel.

* Effectively forecast trends and performance of the firm using analystís tool like horizontal analysis, vertical analysis and ratio analysis.

* Insights to various sophisticated fundamental valuation tools as used by buy side/sell side analyst and investment Bankers with key focus on Discounted Cash Flows (DCF) , Equity and Enterprise Value Multiples (Relative Valuations)

* Learn complex financial modeling by identifying and utilizing key business drivers and integrating them into a three statement forecasting model for a generic company

* Online animated tutorial - step by step financial modeling guide and 120+ page step by step tutorial guide on Generic Financial Model.

* Learn to efficiently build the financial model of FMCG sector Ė ITC & 150+ page step by step tutorial on ITC Financial Model

* Learn to efficiently build the financial model of Paints sector Ė Asian Paints & 100+ page step by step tutorial on Asian Paints Financial Model

Corporate Bridge Equity Research Toolkit

* 100 hours of Classroom Training

* 150 hours of Online Mock Tests, Quizzes, Videos & Presentation notes

* E-learning Access to animated video tutorials, step by step guides, presentations, notes

* Books & Course Material prepared by Research Analysts and Investment Bankers

* 100+ Built-in Financial Analysis Excel Templates

* Online Mock tests for each module

* Formula Cheat-Sheets

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